Seminars & Presenters
Improving the Role of the Foreign Ministry and Embassies of Bangladesh for Better Services and Protection of our Workers

Presented By: Dr Chowdhury R Abrar, Coordinator of RMMRU

Non Resident Bangladeshi Workers' Rights: How to Protect at Home & Abroad

Presented By: Dr. Abdul Momen, Center for Governance & Strategic Management, Framingham State College, Massachusetts.

Migration Policy, Building Awareness

Presented By: Dr. MD Mizanur Rahman, Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Dr. Rozana Rashid, Programme Coordinator, RMMRU

Remittance by NRB Workers Inward: Opportunities & Risks

Presented By: Dr. Tasneem Siddiqui, Research Director, RMMRU

Providing Bank Loans, Saving Plans & Policies to Bangladeshi Workers Abroad

Presented By: Dr. Abul Barkat, Professor, Department of Economics, Dhaka University

The Acceleration of a Nation's Prosperity Through Vocational Skills' Acquisition

Presented By: Mr. Mohamed K Haq, CW Institute, Sydney, Canada.

Current Status of Local Manpower Business: Present & Future

Presented By: Mr. Ghulam Mustafa, President, BAIRA

Insurance for NRB Workers: Health, Unemployment & Disability

Presented By: Mr. Nasim Ali, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SBLI, USA
Dr. Rozana Rashid, Programme Coordinator, RMMRU

Overseas Employment Opportunities & Creation of New Labor Market: Questions and Answers Session

Presented By: Dr. Arifur Rahman, Saudi Arabia

Publication Ceremony
Presented By: Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah, Professor, IBA, University of Dhaka

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Taking the cue from NRB conference in Dhaka
Written by:
M E Chowdhury Shameem
A Multitasker:
Dilara Afroz Khan Rupa
Janata Bank NRB Branch Opening Ceremony

Pubali Bank First NRB Manpower Development & Opportunities Conference 2009

Opinion Survey

After completing the “NRB & PBO Manpower Development & Opportunities Conference 2009” we want to communicate the outcomes of this conference to the work force that are staying abroad. We want to conduct a survey on various policy issues to collect the data to know their opinion on these matters that may impact their work condition. After completing the survey we will publish a gazette for the government which will benefit the policymaker to make the next step of decisions regarding the manpower development. To conduct this survey we will initiate 30 camps all over the world. The proposed camps are as follows:

Country Name

No of Camps

Country Name

No of Camps

Saudi Arabia
























South Korea



International Job Fair and Migration Directory
There will be an international job fair after completing the opinion survey program. This job fair will be consisting of recruitment agencies, travel agencies, international HR firms and many other organizations that are working in this area representing Bangladesh as well as other parts of the world. The goal of this fair is to build a bridge between the productive or skilled human resource and the recruiting agencies, trying to minimize the misconception and gaps between them. In this job fair we will publish a migration directory which will help match supply side and demand side of human resource of Bangladesh; making a comprehensive knowledge resource for migration; by providing opportunities to link Bangladeshi workers and overseas employers. A proposed concept for migration directory is enclosed with this document.