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Taking the cue from NRB conference in Dhaka
Written by:
M E Chowdhury
A Multitasker:
Dilara Afroz Khan Rupa

First Non Resident Bangladeshi Conference 2007


NRB Conference 2007 : Sponsor List
Confirmed List
Package Category Amount of Money Organization Name Status
Package 1 Opening Ceremony 15,00,000.00 Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Collected
Package 2 Closing Ceremony & Scholar of the year Seminar 45,00,000.00 AB Bank Limited. Collected
Package 3 Seminar 2 (Maximum Utilization of Limited Resources and Increasing Agro Productivity) 2,85,750.00 Rahimafooz (Agora) Collected
Package 3 Seminar 4 (Open Discussion: 2nd Generation NRB) 5,00,000.00 Trade Network International Collected
Package 3 Seminar 7 (Type of Administrative Structure for Good Governance and Accelerated Growth in Bangladesh , eGovernment in Bangladesh: the Way Forward) 5,00,000.00 Prime Bank Limited Collected
Package 3 Seminar 8 (Energy Management: Expert Opinions on Renewable Energy: Solar System, Bio Fuel: A Great source of Poverty Reduction and Clean Environment, Energy Management: Export Opinions on Renewable Energy: Solar System) 4,76,250.00 RahimAfrooz Collected
Package 3 Seminar 9 ( Broadening Market Opportunities for Garments Industries, State of Bangladesh Textile Industry-A Niche Market for NRB) 5,00,000.00 IFIC Bank Limited Collected
Package 3 Seminar 11 (Flood Management System, Disaster Relief and Emergency Management: Earth Quake, Flood Management System, The Death Toll from Floods in Bangladesh : The Role of Flood Preparedness and Emergency Response) 4,00,000.00

First Security Bank Limited

Package 3 Seminar 13 (Bangladesh: Its Strategic Long Term Development Priorities and The Role of Donor Agencies including The World Bank, IMF, UNDP, ABD and US AID, IDB) 5,00,000.00 RAK Ceramics Collected
Package 3 Seminar 15 (Skill Development for Global Market: Policy and Practice) 5,00,000.00 The City Bank Limited Collected
Package 3 Seminar 16 (Development of Sustainable Transportation System for Dhaka City : Issues, Challenges and Opportunities, Transportation System of Dhaka City : Improving the Traffic and Drainage Systems, Privatization of Roadways)


First Security Bank Limited

Package 4 Seminar 10 (Ball Room) (Effective Utilization of the Submarine Cable and "to dos" to Improve the IT Sector of Bangladesh, Impact on Spectrum Optimization Technologies on Regulatory Policies for Wireless Communication) 9,00,000.00 UCB Limited Collected
Package 4 Seminar 18(Ball Room) ( Domestic Securities Imperatives & Investment Environment in Bangladesh , Capital Market Development) 9,00,000.00 Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited. Collected
Package 5 Cultural Event (Opening) 5,00,000.00 Trust Bank Limited Collected
Package 6 Cultural Event (Closing) 10,00,000.00 The City Bank Limited Collected
Package 7 Cultural Event (Day-2) 2,50,000.00 Shoppers World Collected
package 8 Photo & Painting Exhibition 1,62,000.00 Brac Bank Limited Collected
Package 10 Gate 8,73,530.00 Eastern Bank Limited Collected
Package 13 Stall Charge 90,000.00 Commercial Bank of Ceylone Limited Collected
Package 14 Registration Purpose 4,66,300.00   Collected
Package 11 Registration Package Registration kid (Bag, Pen, Writting Pad) Dhaka Regency Hotel  
Package 12 All Seminar and Cultural Program backdrop Back Drop AKIJ Group  
Total Amount Collected
1,53,03,830.00 Tk

Expenditure of NRB Conference 2007
Organization Name Amount of Money
Total Amount Collected
1,53,03,830.00 Tk
NRB Conference Expenditure
1,27,35,273.00 Tk
25,68,557.00 Tk
Scholars Bangladesh donations for the sidr victims to The Chief Advisers relief fund
25,50,000.00 Tk
18,557.00 Tk
NRB Follow Up Meeting

Letter From Chief Advisor Office