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Taking the cue from NRB conference in Dhaka
Written by:
M E Chowdhury
A Multitasker:
Dilara Afroz Khan Rupa

Scholars Bangladesh organised programme to raise health funds for Poet Samudra Gupta

Source: The Daily Ittefaq
Source: The Daily Prothom Alo
Source: The Daily Star
Source: ICE Today
Homage to a poet:
An exciting crowd waiting for the gates to open. It was the night where the spirits of lending a hand and assistance flew around. Samudra Gupta, one of the leading poets and lyricist of the country is suffering from cancer and the crowd stands awaiting, to let him know that they are by his side. As the gates open and the crowd flurries in, the program organizers, Scholars Publisher and Shangbrita, put final additions on the set up for the program. Shimul Mustafa, one of the leading orators of the poetry world of Bangladesh informally voiced a piece to set the mood for the upcoming performance. The program was inaugurated with a welcome message from celebrated actor Assaduzzaman Noor and the raisings from the sales of tickets of the program being handed over to the family of Samudra Gupta by the living legend Nirmalendu Gun. While the lights dimmed and the reverberations of the applause of the audience faded away, the stage reminded me of 'Krishnopokkhe Adh Khana Chand' - the title of the program. The festive atmosphere was all there, but something overhung the program, a sorrow, a pain that showed on all the faces, peeking out at the mention of a name, 'Samudra'. The program started with an ensemble of instruments like Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Violin, Keyboard and Tabla playing along with a blend of Oration and classical singing. The performers of the program, orator Mahidul Islam and talented singer Dilara Khan Rupa vibrated through the jam packed auditorium in pin drop silence which was only occasionally perturbed by the applause of the audience at the end of each performances. The follow up by the instrumentalists were marvellous as they adapted to each of the changes in atmosphere and the combination of flute and violin playing was a remarkable sight. Famous poetry by Rabindranath Tagore, Najim Hekmat and popular classical based songs like 'tumi nirmal koro mangal kore', 'ami shunachi shedin tumi' made the audience feel a smooth yet strong moral awakening.

Samudra Gupta is ill; his service to the nation over his life did not make room for personal thoughts at the end leaving him with limited finances to undergo the required treatment. He lies, awaiting the response of the nation he gave his personal life away for. The nation growls and steps forward. The show ended with a final note that echoed repeatedly throughout the room from the hearts of the organizers and audience, 'Samudra, come back to the land of 1300 rivers…'

We write with heavy heart that by the time this magazine is ready to go to press, Samudra Gupta has left us for eternity. We salute this legendary poet and cherish the words he has left back for us